Emmanuelle was born in 1963 (Dijon, France). She studied Art History at the École du Louvre and at the Sorbonne in Paris. She graduated as Art Teacher in 1987 (CAPES), then Professor Agrégé of Fine Arts (1989, ranked 3) ; she taught from college to university before working ten years at the Louvre Museum, as head of the Art Teaching Department.

She lived in Paris, Luxembourg, Mauritius and she is currently based in Singapore. She devotes herself to painting, writing books and publishing illustrations in women’ s magazines and for the youth edition. 

Emmanuelle recomposes with her own repertoire the masterpieces of the great artists who inspire her, in order to pay tribute to them, wondering what they could have painted of our time : her universe is populated by childish figures, scenes from tales that are both real and timeless, haunted dreams of interrupted narratives, snapshots of life that radiate a strangeness full of delicacy, innocence, fragility and sweetness. In this mirror game that she holds out to the spectator, she invites everyone to rediscover their child’s soul.

She paints with acrylic, superposing numerous semi-transparent glazes to obtain effects of depth and reflection, to translate the warmth of a skin and to capture the color of a spirit. She claims a free, figurative or imaginary painting, which assumes a plastic sensuality as much as the pleasure of intellectual games and cultural references. His fictions, smooth as distorting mirrors, encourage us to reflect on the boundaries of taste, culture, reality and life.